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Artist Roy Sorrels’ work combines humor and pathos, the obvious and the covert. Brilliant hues contrast with dark emotions, portraying people and situations, imperfections and all. Rooted in real life Sorrels’ art reaches deep into the soul, asking not only who we are, but who we are in the world.

"There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt"
Erma Bombeck
"More than anything I believe sadness fills our country which used to have flaws and shortcomings but now has insanity and lack of humanity in high places. But for me, today, in a day of my 81st year, I get to love Sarah (and dog Joey and cat Chispa), study my Spanish reflexive verbs and stem changing verbs, read Seneca, make art, walk about the yard in the sunshine, roll about the mall in my winged chariot, be kind and gentle to all I encounter, and enjoy each moment."
Roy Sorrels, 2018